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What is a pilot cadet program? [Infographic]

Some of you might have found the term "cadet program" when you are searching the web to find answers to your questions about flight training and career opportunities for pilots.

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Introducing The 2017 OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program

Introducing - The 2017 SAA and OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program.
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Pilot Interview - Lydia Wennström

Former SAA instructor, Lydia, talks about her exciting and challenging flying the Global 6000 to different corners of the world.
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Essential Skills for Pilots - Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership involves teamwork and the quality of a leader depends on the success of the leader's relationship with the team.
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9 Celebrities Who Are Also Pilots

Did you know that these celebrities also know how to fly? Here is our list of 9 celebrity pilots.
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Flight Training 101 - Earning your wings [Infographic]

Want to know how to earn your wings? This infographic explains the process of completing an integrated program at Scandinavian Aviation Academy
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How to fly a plane - Manual Control

This week we are looking into the manual control of the aircraft - A Professional Pilot is expected to control the aircraft flight path through manual flight...
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Core Competencies for Pilots - Communication

A pilot should demonstrate effective oral, non-verbal and written communications, in normal and non-normal situations. Read more...
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The core competencies of a professional pilot

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a professional pilot? We've picked apart the 8 core competencies of a professional pilot in this blog series.
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12 aviation instagram accounts you should follow immediately

Want to sprinkle your instagram feed with some aviation-inspiration? Here are our favourite accounts for cloudsurfing pics, travel inspo and epic cockpit views.
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SAA, and then what?

You've gone through a competitive application process, been admitted to the flight training program of your dreams and finally earned your wings - then what?
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SAA to train pilots for the Swedish Coast Guard

We are happy to announce that SAA has won a deal to train the future pilots of the Swedish Coast Guard.
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Coriolis, Isobars and PGF - Meteorology for dummies

Pressure Gradient Force, air pressure systems and Coriolis - as a pilot you'll need to understand them all, here is a quick crash course on the subject of wind
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