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10 Awesome YouTube Channels for Avgeeks! [Video]

Since we can't always be flying, whether money, life or nature is getting in our way, we thought that we would bring the flying to you! Or more specifically, youtube will bring the flying to you (virtually)! And for those who don't have the chance of flying a shiny jet, let's keep that dream of yours flying with these awesome and entertaining aviation youtube channels.

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Problem solving and decision making for pilots

What are the airlines looking for when they hire pilots? What are the skills required to be great at your job? Learn more about core competencies for pilots.
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A Snapshot in the Life of a Photo Survey Pilot

Learn more about what a Photo Survey Pilot do and how they prepare and operate before the photo capture.
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Core Competencies for Pilots - Application of procedures

What are the skills required for a pilot to succeed in her/his job? Read about how pilots apply procedures in order to be consistent and efficient.
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How to pack like a Pilot

Packing a suitcase can sometimes be a real headache. This blogpost will give you all the tips needed to make your next trip feel light and delighted.
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Can a pilot be obese, diabetic, colorblind or have ADHD? [Video]

This blogpost is a follow up on the medical requirements for pilots where Mentour Pilot and Michael Sjöö discuss different health issues.
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OSM Aviation acquires SAA – becomes Nordic leader

OSM Aviation is acquiring 51 per cent of the shares in Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA), which will become the largest pilot school in the Nordic region.
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What to expect at your first Medical Class 1

This blog post will go through the medical requirements for pilots and what can you expect at your first EASA Medical Class 1 examination.
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What is a pilot cadet program? [Infographic]

What is a cadet program? Is it different from an integrated or MPL program? Find out what it means in this blog post. [Infographic]
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Introducing The 2017 OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program

Introducing - The 2017 SAA and OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program.
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Pilot Interview - Lydia Wennström

Former SAA instructor, Lydia, talks about her exciting and challenging flying the Global 6000 to different corners of the world.
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Essential Skills for Pilots - Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership involves teamwork and the quality of a leader depends on the success of the leader's relationship with the team.
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9 Celebrities Who Are Also Pilots

Did you know that these celebrities also know how to fly? Here is our list of 9 celebrity pilots.
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