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Published 2015-12-22

SAA Students at Norwegian

Six of our students has had their LIA internship at Norwegian during this fall. Below they share their experiences;


At the Office

The training department, where our internship has taken place, is located at Norwegians headquarters in Fornebu, southwestern part of Oslo. Our first task was to write procedures of how the work at the department is conducted. By interviewing the employees we found out how everything works and arranged every step in a procedure manual. The work with the procedure manual made us quickly understanding how the training department works and made us get to know everyone who works there.

Part from the procedure manuals, we have helped updating and creating PowerPoints and CBTs; made film clips that will be used during the training of pilots; helped in the transition from paper based to web-based system for protocols and documentation; and made a CAD-model of Boeing 787.

Field Trip to Malaga

In the beginning of September we went on a field trip to the office in Malaga. The ones working there handle documents, such as licenses, lists of participants, passports and much more. They also handle the monitoring of all documentation and make sure that the flight crew send in new documents when the old ones expire. The reason for the field trip was for us to learn about how the work in Malaga is conducted to afterwards be able to write procedures on how they work.

Pilot Preparation Program

As part of the internship, Norwegian arranged an adapted program for us: Pilot Preparation Program. The program included different forms of preparations for future interviews and type ratings. One of the things we got to do was to take part in general courses for pilots and cabin crew, sessions in full flight simulators and tag along in jumpseat around Europe. During the general courses, one of the things we got to do was to act passengers when the pilots and cabin crews were practicing emergency evacuations. It was a rewarding field trip where we got the chance to use our newly gained knowledge but also gain a lot of new knowledge.

During the flights in the simulator we usually got the opportunity to take one of the front seats and fly for ourselves for a moment. It is out of the ordinary to get the opportunity to fly a ILS landing with assistance from Norwegians CFI, and it was tremendously instructive and rewarding. To be given the opportunity to tag along in jumpseat was as rewarding! Most of the jumpseat-flights went north, some of them as far north as Svalbard, to get the chance to see the more challenging airports.

Individual training was also part of the PPP program. Each and every one of us got to practice the procedures and flying in a fixed-based B737 simulator at CAE, the base for training at Gardemoen airport. Later on we got to do a flight evaluation in the same simulator. During these classes we got to take a closer look on how to program a FMS; practice on Norwegian’s procedures and SOP; co-operate in a two-pilot environment, and best of all; practice “hands-on” flying.

Lastly we got lessons in CRM, where we obtained a more profound insight in what a international airline is focusing on. Very valuable knowledge that we bring from the LIA and now on to our working life.

Life in Oslo

We were nine people who did our LIA period at Norwegian, and we chose to live together in a 5 bedroom apartment. By staying together we have been able to keep the living costs down, which has been much-needed when living in expensive Norway on Swedish study loan.

Worth mentioning is also that the public transport in Oslo is really good. Part from the metro, there are trams and buses where the waiting time rarely is more than 10 minutes. If you choose to live in the “central zone”, a monthly pass for public transport is only about 400 NOK. Even the transition to Gardemoen is good.


When Magnus Hyllander (deputy CFI) and Simon (YH13) came to Västerås and informed about the possibilities for LIA and Norwegian, they told us that an interview for a pilotjob would be offered to all the LIA students. As promised, we all got an interview in the beginning of November. First, we had an HR/technical interview, where we got the chance to talk about ourselves and answer some HR and technical ATPL questions.

After that we performed a simulator assessment. We got to fly for approximately 45 minutes as PF and 45 minutes as PM in a fixed-based 737 simulator. Our experience from SAA’s 737 simulator and the simulator lessons we were offered during “PPP” were very valuable for the simulator assessment! The following week we all got answers, and all the LIA students from our class passed the interview. Some of us start with type rating on the 7th of December already, 2 weeks before the LIA period even is over!


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