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Pilot Aptitude Test

To apply to a pilot education you first need to pass a Pilot Aptitude Test.
To do this test, you first need to have graduated upper secondary school.

The Pilot Aptitude Test is conducted by flight psychologists.

The test will be divided into two parts. The first part is computer based and costs 100 EUR. If you pass the first part of the test you can do the second part which will be an additional 500 EUR. The fee for the second part of the test will be returned in form of a reduced application fee if you are accepted to Professional Pilot Program or First Officer Program.

*You can use this test for your application to the Professional Pilot Program, First Officer Program Sverige, and our modular programs CPL/ME/IR and Flight Instructor course, but cannot be used when applying for the vocational training (YH).


Would you like to sign up for the SAA Pilot Aptitude Test?

If you would like to sign up for the Pilot Aptitude Test at SAA clicking the button below will take you to the registration page. You can see all available dates from the dropdown menu.

Register for Pilot Apitude Test


Bring with you to the test:

  • Final grades from Upper Secondary School
  • ID card

If you are successful in part 1 of the Pilot Aptitude Test we will schedule you for part 2 on the next available date. Part 2 of the tests are normally done in Västerås at our school.

The price for part 2 of the Pilot Aptitude Test is 5000 SEK and will be subtracted from the application fee if you are admitted to the First Officer Program (FOP) or Professional Pilot Program (PPP).

Schedule for the Pilot Aptitude Test

The first part of the Pilot Aptitude Test takes place during our Pilot Open Days or on separate testing days in Västerås. If you register for the Pilot Aptitude Test, you will not be able to register for an intro flight the same day.

The tests are normally scheduled during the morning between 08:00 – 12:00 CET.

Register for Pilot Apitude Test

If you have any further questions regarding the Pilot Apitude Test, send an e-mail to info@bfsaa.se and write "Pilot Aptitude Test" in the subject field for more information. 

What is tested during a Pilot Aptitude Test?

SAA's Pilot Aptitude Test is divided into two parts

It is part 1 of the Pilot Aptitude Test you sign up for when registering for a Pilot Open Day and checking the box "Book Pilot Aptitude Test". If you pass the first part you can schedule the second part of the tests which can be done in Stockholm, Västerås (Sweden) or Oslo (Norway). 


You will be tested in the following capacities during a Pilot Aptitude Test:

Part 1 - 1000 SEK

This part costs 1000 SEK and takes about 2,5 hours to perform. The test is conducted during our information days (Pilot Open Days) and the following capacities are being tested:

  • Logical thinking
  • Perceptual capacity (accuracy and speed)
  • Spatial orientation
  • Memory
  • Technical/mechanical understanding
  • Multitasking ability
  • Stress tolerance
  • Mental arithmetics

Part 2 - 5000 SEK*

  • Interview with a flight psychologist (The applicants character, personality, motivation and attitude is evaluated during the interview. Along with techincal skills based on the results from the first part of the test)

Part 2 of the Pilot Aptitude Test can be booked once you have passed part 1. The second part takes approximately 2 hours to complete. 

*The price for part 2 of the Pilot Aptitude Test will be refunded through a reduced admissions fee if you are accepted into the First Officer Program or Professional Pilot Program at SAA. 

How many attempts do I have to pass the test?

If you don't get an approved result on your first attempt you can try again after a minimum waiting time of 6 monts. 

Should you fail the test on your second attempt you can try a third and final time. You will have to wait minimum 6 months between each attempt. 

How long is the test valid for?

When you do a Pilot Aptitude Test at SAA it is divided into two parts. You will have to pass both parts in order to have a complete test. Pilot Aptitude Test part 1 can be done on all of our Pilot Open Days (limited spots available) or during one of our extra testing days in Västerås, Sweden. 

If you pass the first part of the Pilot Aptitude Test you will have to complete the second part within 6 months to get a diploma. If you wait more than 6 months before attempting the second part you will have to do part 1 again. 

When both parts are completed with an approved result the test is valid for 3 years. Therefore, it can be a good idea to do the test well before you are planning to apply to our programs. 

Do you need accommodation in Västerås during your testing?

Do you need accommodation during your visit with us? See options for accommodation under the page Accommodation

Do you not have the possibility to take the Pilot Aptitude Test with us?

You can do the pilot aptitude test directly with the flight psychologist centers if you do not have the possibility to do the test with us. Keep in mind that the test will then not be divided into two parts. The price for the test will be approximately 6000 SEK and will not be subtracted from the application fee. You are able to apply for our programs with an approved Pilot Aptitude Test from any of these centers.

In Sweden we have the following approved flight psychologists:

SIAP provides tests in Stockholm
Interpersona provides tests in Stockholm
Flygmedicinskt Centrum – FMC provides tests in Malmö

You can also book a test with Scandinavian Flight Psychology center by e-mailing: scandinaviskflygpsykologi@gmail.com

In the rest of Europe the following centers are approved:

Graf Consulting (Bern, Switzerland)

Can I prepare for the test?

The short answer is yes. In the same manner that you can train your body, you can also "take your brain to the gym" and make it better, stronger and faster. One of the most important things to think about however, is to get a good nights sleep and eat a healty breakfast before the tests. 

If you want to learn some tips and tricks that can help you train your brain, we suggest that you check out our guide by clicking the link below.


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