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SAA & OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program

A cooperation between SAA & OSM Aviation

The OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring pilots searching for a gateway to a career with major airlines in the aviation industry. The OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program is a close cooperation between OSM Aviation and Scandinavian Aviation Academy with the objective to ensure the availability of professional pilots.

SAA has undergone OSM Aviation’s compliance and best practice audit, training cadets will be qualified to enter OSM Aviation and fly for one of OSM Aviation's airline customers after graduating. 

Cadets who graduate will be offered a position as a Junior First Officer after successfully completing the program.


The Flight Training

The OSM Cadet program will follow the same successful structure as other integrated programs at SAA. In addition, an experienced Captain from OSM Aviation will act as a mentor for the cadets during the course of their training. The Captain will provide additional support and guidance for the cadets on their journey towards becoming a professional pilot. 

Both theory and flight training starts immediately, and the first flight is usually commenced within the first two weeks. Just like in other integrated programs, the theory lessons are mixed with the flight training. This training concept has been proven to enhance the training experience for our students.

Our modern Cessna 172 G1000 aircraft is the first aircraft you will become familiar with during your flight training. You will progressively learn to handle the aircraft in increasingly advanced maneuvers and fly further away from your home base in Västerås.

As you gain experience, your flight training will start to include more advanced instrument flying and multi-engine training. This part of the training is done in our DA42 Twin stars and in our Boeing 737 Next Generation simulator. The simulator gives you the opportunity to practice demanding situations in a safe and educational environment.

The Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) course is designed to teach you how to work in a multi pilot environment. This course is also completed in SAA’s state of the art Boeing 737 NG simulator.

After finishing the program you will have obtained the following EASA certificates and ratings:

  • CPL – Commercial Pilot License
  • ATPL Theory
  • ME – Multi Engine
  • IR – Instrument Rating
  • MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation
  • APC -  Airline Preparation Course (Advanced JOC)



The program is self-sponsored, which means that you will have to finance it yourself. Either through savings, a private loan or other means of financing. Swedish applicants that are eligible for CSN may apply these funds towards the cost of the program.

SAA and OSM Aviation does not offer any financing solutions at this time. 

Cost of training

The cost of the cadet program is 950 000 SEK, divided into three installments. Each installment is paid before the start of the semester.

The flight and theory training is included in the course price, along with uniform, literature and a loss of license insurance. 

Accommodation, food and type rating is not included in the course price. 

Type rating

Upon successfully graduating from the program, cadets will be offered to do a self-sponsored type rating and start working for one of OSM Aviation's partner airlines. 


Prepare for take-off! How do I apply?

Before applying make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites, you'll need the following: 

  • Be 18 years of age

  • Have the right to work, live and study in the EU. 

  • Graduated from High School / Upper Secondary School with passing grades in the following subjects*:

    Mathematics B / Mathematics 2b
    English B / English 6
    Physics A / Physics 1a

    *The subjects listed  indicate the level required according to the Swedish school system. If you are unsure about what level this equals out to in your home country you can send us your grades for review. If you want to translate your grades to Swedish grades you can submit an application online to the Swedish Council for Higher Education. (It can take some time for them to process your grades, so make sure you send in your paperwork as soon as possible).

You will also have to attach a motivation letter in your application, this document should be 1-2 pages long and state why you want to become a student at SAA and fly for OSM Aviation's partner airlines in Europe after graduation. 

We will review the applications continuously and those who qualify will be invited to Västerås in Sweden for testing. 

Once the screening and selection process is complete, 8 cadets will be offered a chance to join the SAA & OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program. 

For more information about the program, click here.